Aerodays 2019 in Bucharest

Welcome to the the first instalment of TandemAEROdays 2019 2020, which will take place on 27-30 May 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. “European Aeronautics Days” is the leading event in aviation research and innovation, a solid platform to share and review the latest developments in aeronautics and air transport across the European Union.

For almost three decades the European Aeronautics Days (Aerodays) have been the leading event in aviation research and innovation, mirroring the priorities and strategies set within the European Union Research Framework Programmes. The 8th edition of Aerodays builds on the achievements of Horizon 2020, the biggest EU research and innovation programme to date, and it is based on a new approach with two integrated events organized in Romania, in 2019, and Germany, in 2020. Coordinated under a synergic concept, TandemAEROdays19.20, these two events will provide a solid platform to share and review the latest developments in aeronautics and air transport across the European Union, further strengthening its leadership on a highly competitive and strategic international market.

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  • TandemAEROdays19.20 is supervised by a joint management/steering committee with major representatives from Romania and Germany.
  • Its joint scientific/technical/advisory committee will secure a harmonized template for the presentation of abstracts and will provide a common guideline for all the contributions.
  • Mirroring the complementary features of the two-phase concept, the event in Romania will showcase a bottom-up approach, exploring aviation research achievements up to technology demonstration phase, while the event in Germany will have a top-down approach on innovation, implementation, orientation and perspectives for the future of European aviation.
  • Both events will bring forward synergic political support for the aviation sector from Member States with different participation and priorities in EU programmes.
  • TandemAEROdays19.20 will encourage trans-national cooperation and long-term sustainability for the European research and innovation effort, and it will act as a dissemination forum for the global aviation community.

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Welcome to Aerodays 2015


Aerodays, the 7th European Aeronautics Days, is the European flagship event in aviation research and innovation which takes place once, during each EU Research Framework Programme.

Aerodays 2015 will take place in Central London, UK from 20-23 October 2015

Designed to present strategic perspectives for aviation, including research and innovation, the goal is to share achievements of collaborative research and innovation in aeronautics and air transport within Europe and world-wide international co-operation.

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Aerodays 2011 – Program

Place of celebration: Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid
Dates of celebration: From: 30-Mar-2011 To: 01-Apr-2011

The sixth European Aeronautics Days took place from 30th March to 1st April 2011 in Madrid, following its successful predecessors that took place in Brussels (1991), Naples (1993), Toulouse (1997), Hamburg (2001) and Vienna (2006).

The event will bring together aeronautics stakeholders, ministries, agencies and R&D centres from all over Europe and overseas to network, present their latest research results and discuss common future R&D projects.

Organized by CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology in Spain) and the European Commission (Directorate General for Research), Aerodays 2011 will provide a perfect opportunity to present and disseminate information about EU-funded RTD results, and will be in line with the EU goals of creating a Single European Sky and a European Research Area, and of finding innovative approaches to sustainable aviation in a global environment.


The Aerodays 2011 event will also provide a world-class conference for information exchange and dissemination of EU-funded R&D results in aeronautics, developing strong links with partners around the world, so that Europe could benefit from the worldwide progress of knowledge, contribute to global development and take a leading role in international initiatives to solve global issues.

The event will show the opportunities that the aeronautics sector gives, due to its strategic character and high potential. The participation of the main European representatives, both institutional and industrial-, of the aeronautics and air transport sector including airports and airlines, as well as experts from fields such Space and Security is expected.

It is worthy to be mentioned that the impact to be reached within this event would never be obtained through a national or local approach, and hence the European dimension is crucial for obtaining an outstanding success; furthermore, this event should optimise and open European, national and regional research programmes in order to support and coordinate the best research throughout Europe through strategic programmes to address major challenges together.

This support action aims to contribute to the implementation of the Framework Programmes and the preparation of the future research community and technological development policies and look for synergies with other policies, as well as stimulate, encourage and facilitate the participation of SMEs, civil society and other actors.


The Aerodays seek:

  • To link the political messages of key stakeholders with the developments in aeronautics and air transport;
  • To report on the latest advances in aeronautics world-wide;
  • To encourage new partnerships in collaborative projects;
  • To present technological achievements and ongoing research and technological development that is carried out under the EU’s Framework Programmes, national and international research actions, and European large scale technology initiatives (such as JTI Clean Sky, SESAR and Galileo);
  • To present a forum for the review process of the Vision 2020 goals and the Aeronautics Strategic Research Agenda;
  • To offer an opportunity to formulate a vision on the future of aeronautics, including FP8 and the ACARE Vision 2050.


Main conference features

  • Up to 1.000 participants are expected from Europe and overseas;
  • Keynote and plenary speeches by main political actors involved in aeronautics from the European Commission, Member States, European Parliament, Spanish Ministries and regional governments, industry and research;
  • Main players from the aeronautics industry and research community world wide;
  • Substantial parallel sessions structured by the challenges of SRA2 and addressing key activities fo FP7;
  • Special sessions on topics like international co-operation, national activities, GARTEUR, JTI Clean Sky and SESAR;
  • Attractive side events: technology and poster exhibitions and information stands;
  • Special meetings such as ACARE Plenary, AirTN2 or projects meetings (Cooperateus, EARPG EASA, etc.);
  • Exhibition construction and ceiling lighting by AG design.
  • Conference excursions to Spanish aerospace facilities.


Experts panel

The Expert Panel will provide advice and recommendation to CDTI and European Commission in the elaboration of the agenda of Aerodays and in the selection of parallel and plenary sessions. Futhermore, the Expert Panel will support the organisation with extra information obtained form their management expertise in previous Aerodays events.

Once the Aerodays event is finished, an overall assessment of the Aerodays 2011 as well as some lessons learnt and recommendations for future actions may be requested to this Expert Panel.

The Panel Members have been selected from the main European Aeronautics associations, agencies and research centres:

  • Mr. Jim Lawler  (Entreprise Ireland)
  • Ms. Elisabeth Huchler (Austrian Ministry of Transport)
  • Mr. Dietrich Knörzer (European Commission)
  • Mr. Rémy Dénos (European Commission)
  • Mr Francois Quentin (ACARE)
  • Mr. Joachim Szodruch (ACARE/CEAS President)
  • Ms. Carmen Rodríguez Augustín (INTA)
  • Mr. Manuel Hita (Aeronautics Expert and Member of the Real Academia de Ingeniería)
  • Mr. Michel Peters (EREA Chairman)